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Todd's Zombie Run for VIC

On May 5, 2012, a plague will descend on Amesbury, MA. Those infected will stop at nothing to spread the contagion. There will be only one way to prevent infection: don't get caught.

Hi, my name is Todd. On Saturday, May 5, I will join hundreds of others, racing across the wooded countryside of Amesbury. We will have to run 5 kilometers, passing natural and man-made barriers, all while avoiding the zombie hordes of the Run for Your Lives 5K obstacle course. As part of my run, I am raising money to support the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center (VIC) at Massachusetts General Hospital. There are two very important projects at the center that I strongly support.

The physician-researchers at the VIC are poised to begin human clinical trials using a low-energy laser as an adjuvant (something that enhances the immune response) for vaccines. If successful, this technology would allow vaccines to be made without chemical adjuvants, like alum. It is also possible that even vaccines that do not currently use adjuvants could be made more effective through the use of this laser technology.

The other big research the VIC is undertaking is the development of a new and more effective cholera vaccine. This often-deadly disease presents a major public health concern in places like Haiti and other poor regions, where they face mediocre preventive measures and a lack of industry interest in prevention. The researchers at the VIC need philanthropic support to advance their discoveries and improve the health of those who are often forgotten.

Please join me in supporting these efforts to advance the safety and efficacy of vaccines and disease prevention. Who knows – the technology developed today may play a significant role when the zombie apocalypse is finally upon us!

All donations to the Friends of the VIC will support these two research projects. To learn more about the Vaccine and Immunotherapy Center, please visit their web site. Learn more about the 5K obstacle course at