Fundraising Tips

Do you feel like you've done everything you can to ask your friends and family for support, but still haven't reached your goal?  Here are some tips to help you drive your fundraising.
Use your personal fundraising page as much as you can. Send it you everyone you know and to help drive potential donors to it, put a link to your page on things like your email signature, blog and Facebook profile.

Say Thanks
Be sure to promptly thank your donors and follow up with updates. Keep in touch with your donors so you can ask them for support again as you get closer to April.

Follow Up
Who hasn't supported you yet?  Call or email these folks to remind them of your run and inform them of your progress to date.

Social Media 
Use tools such as Facebook and Twitter to share that you are running the marathon and encourage people to visit your page to support you. Keep your fundraising efforts a frequent topic to increase your potential for donations.

Personal Touch
Do your contacts know why and what you are running for?  Educate them about the pediatric hematology-oncology program at  MassGeneral Hospital for Children.

Have you asked all of your contacts, including family, friends, neighbors, local businesses and colleagues? Have you asked them to forward your cause on to people they know as well? Mention your efforts whenever possible.

Send Emails, Tweets, Letters and Other Communications
Have you tried emailing, tweeting or sending a letter in the mail? Try to encourage giving through your web page through as many channels as you can.

Matching Gifts
Ask your donor if their company has a matching program; their human resources representative will know the appropriate forms to fill out. Ask your employer if they will match any gifts you make, too.

Plan a local event with the neighborhood restaurant or pub.  It is very simple to do and our office is here to help. Please contact us if you need assistance in getting started.

Use Volunteers
Use those who are close to you as a committee to reach your goal. Ask them to share their contact lists, forward emails or help you plan your event and find raffle prizes. Asking them to host an event in your honor could be a great fundraising opportunity

Ask and Ask Again
Being proactive is the best way to reach your goal. No one can do this alone!

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