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Changing the Treatment of Chronic Diseases

Type 2 diabetes runs in Bob DiGuardia’s family. So when Bob was diagnosed with the disease in his early 30s, it came as little surprise. Bob weighed nearly 300 pounds before he decided that he needed to make a change or he would risk serious long-term health complications, a heart attack or stroke. That’s when he met Linda.

Linda Delahanty, MS, RD, LDN, chief dietitian and director of Nutrition and Behavioral Research for the MGH Diabetes Research Center, has spent 31 years at Mass General dedicated to diabetes research. More than a decade ago, she began working on a study promoting lifestyle interventions for the care, management and prevention of type 2 diabetes. Recently, Linda was awarded a Clinical Innovation Award, a grant funded by the MGH Fund, to test the feasibility of translating the lifestyle intervention program for diabetes patients into clinical practice.

Please watch this video to hear about Bob’s remarkable transformation and how your giving helps support the work of numerous MGH researchers like Linda.

Your gift to the MGH Fund supports life-changing research like that of Linda Delahanty here at Mass General. Please consider the impact your contribution can have in helping Mass General meet health care’s most pressing challenges as we continue to work together to save lives every day.

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